Rekt Wolf


Rekt Wolf began on the Terra blockchain in March 2022. By May, it was the third biggest project on the chain, and still growing. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Terra collapsed, wiping out 45 billion dollars in a handful of days. Our community and our team got massively ‘’Rekt’’. Savings evaporated, treasuries wiped out, time spent building lost, and the concept of decentralized money put into question.

But a spirit remained. Wounded, but not broken, Rekt Wolves needed to evolve. We are Rekt Wolf, and our motto is Rekt Today, Stronger Tomorrow.

We'd rebuild together, making friends all across the NFT universe along the way. This marks a new opportunity to expand the Rekt Wolf brand, advance our DAO, develop stronger educational material, and most importantly share our wonderful community with the world!

Rekt Team


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Community & DAO


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